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Konferenz „From Big Data to Smart Knowledge – Text and Data Mining in Science and Economy“


Wie können unstrukturierte Daten verarbeitet und so genutzt werden, dass wir sie auch jenseits der bekannten Möglichkeiten erfassen können. Mit diesem Thema befasste sich die Konferenz “From Big Data to Smart Knowledge – Text and Data Mining in Science and Economy” in Köln. Die Beiträge wurden von uns für KFP Five Star Conference und ZBMed aufbereitet und stehen jetzt im YouTube Kanal zur Verfügung.

‘Big data’ is a widely-used term that refers to a major trend in the world of technology. There are a number of questions that providers of scientific information, i.e. libraries need to address in order to keep pace with this trend:

• How can we assist and support people in using scientific information beyond simply providing access to PDF files?
•How can unstructured data (text and multimedia content) be used in ways that go beyond the ‘traditional’ acts of reading papers and watching videos?
• What technologies are available to accelerate the processes of data and information gathering, information aggregation and knowledge discovery?
• How can future-oriented library services support research in the fields of biomedicine, engineering, technology and business?
All these points will be discussed on February 23 and 24 at the Hyatt Hotel in Cologne, Germany at a conference designed to examine the topic of text and data mining in engineering, natural and economic sciences. With a carefully chosen selection of presentations from leading academic experts and industrial researchers, the conference will present the current situation and examine how this may develop in the future, illustrating how we can make the shift from big data to smart knowledge. (Quelle:Webseite des Veranstalters


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